"In my time booking trucks with Sutco, they were professional, with great customer service. By the nature of the industry, sometimes there are unforeseen changes to scheduled pick-ups or delivery, and whenever there are changes as such, Sutco has made an exceptional effort to keep us apprised and to do everything they can to keep us happy. They’ve done this well, and have proven themselves as a reliable resource for our shipments."

G.T. - Customer in Building Products Industry

"We have worked with Sutco for over 10 years. We count on them for quick freight quotes and consistent reliable service. They have been a great partner."

L.P. - Customer in Building Products Industry

"I have every confidence in Sutco - their service and their people. They are always very pleasant and one of the most reliable carriers I work with."

D.S. - Customer in Building Products Industry

"We began contracting Sutco in 2010 for log hauling. Since that time they have delivered pulp logs from northwest of Kimberly to southwest of Keremeos and dozens of points in between. Sutco has delivered pulp timber from many logging contractors throughout southern British Columbia. Wherever these trucks have been loaded, I always receive positive feedback from Suppliers and Loggers. Drivers are always recognized as safe, responsible and capable. Sutco has proven to provide reliable people and equipment to meet the needs of this program. Over time, the Drivers have built relationships with the Loadermen that they work with to ensure an efficient load standard is met – a critical point in pulp log freight. Sutco’s Operations Management group has further developed the relationships with Logging Contractors to ensure loading times are set efficiently for both Driver and Logger. Satellite tracking, safety program development and Driver training have kept Sutco as a safe and reliable freight contractor from start to finish. I can always rely on getting accurate feedback from Drivers and Operations in a timely manner to ensure that supplier needs, delivery goals and safety requirements are met. In short, the professionalism provided at every level of this partnership has made it a success."

M.L. - Customer in Pulp Industry

"The 3 things I value the most about Sutco’s service is flexibility (same day pick-ups), effective communication and accountable/reliable service."

E.B. - Customer in Building Products Industry

"The 3 thing I value the most about Sutco’s service is great follow up on delivery status, notification of any issues during the delivery process that causes delays and keeping promises, in terms of, timeframes on scheduled pickup’s and delivery drop offs."

J.O. - Customer in Steel Industry

"The 3 things I value the most about Sutco’s service is prompt replies, pleasant attitudes/professionalism – able to work through any issues that come up and product arrives in good condition."

S.M. - Customer in Building Products Industry